– Identity Design
– Identity Application
– Brand Guidelines
– Environmental Graphics
– Signage & Wayfinding
– Typeface Design
– Stationery Design
– Website Design
– E-newsletter Design


Work completed at Block Branding
Creative Direction: Mark Braddock
Art Direction and Design: Maegan Brown
PR & Event Photography: Co. Creative


For over a decade, renowned Perth furniture studio, Table & Chair, had been a cornerstone for designer furniture in Perth and beyond. Over that time things had changed – both for Table & Chair as a business and in the industry as a whole. The company had established itself as a leader in creating and supplying interior environments for corporate, hospitality and residential applications.


Table & Chair now offers a range that extends well beyond just tables and chairs and felt the time was right to create a brand that better represented their current business. With a new name of ‘District’, a brand identity was required that would appeal to a design-centric audience.


A bespoke alphabet was custom designed to be used as interchangeable graphic elements throughout the brand to create a contemporary look using a familiar design language, allowing the brand experience to remain dynamic, innovative and fresh. 

Subtle meanings are hidden within the elements. For instance, the letter ‘i’s in the brandmark are used to segment the word into districts. The letters and glyphs themselves were inspired by the tools, shapes and colours found within architectural blueprints and the simplified shapes normally associated with floor plans.

Imagery treatment focuses on the craft and quality of the furniture, making for a bold statement to set District apart from competing furniture studios, whilst a colour sampling system was employed enabling the graphic elements to modify in colour depending on the image/s that they are applied next to. This allowed the graphic elements to complement any imagery and remain flexible enough to adapt to all styles and moods.